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Our contribution

As a company, we know that responsible, sustainable action is successful in the long term. That is why we use climate-neutral green electricity for our sustainable energy supply. Our long-term goal is to further increase the share of renewable energies for our manufacturing processes and to make them autonomous. That is why we invested in renewable energies in 2023 and installed a 300 KWp photovoltaic system on our roof areas.

Life cycle assessment in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14040 and DIN EN ISO 14044

As a company that processes raw materials, Lithodecor Fassaden GmbH bears particular responsibility for the sustainable and economical use of resources and for climate protection. We therefore want to fulfill our ecological responsibility and are constantly aiming to make our production processes even more sustainable. Among other things, the life cycle assessment study of our four product groups, which has been available since 2023, is to be used for this purpose. With our products, we stand for lasting value and sustainable construction. The relevant information on our products with regard to life cycle assessment is available in our download area.

Generate long-term value creation and constantly develop it further

Litho-Stone®, enables an even more resource-conserving use of raw material on the facade due to its special structure. In the case of energy-related facade renovations, for example, the preservation of natural stone can be ensured even if natural stone deposits have already been exhausted.

The production of our lightweight concrete (carrier slab N) takes place as a closed production cycle without waste materials!

The ceramics of our product Litho-Ceramics are made of completely natural materials such as quartz, glass, silica, feldspar and some additional natural mineral oxides. Thereby already more than half from recycled materials! The final product is 100% climate neutral and 100% recyclable! For this, our partner NEOLITH® carries the seal “Carbon neutral” since 2019 and is one of the most ecological and sustainable building materials on the market with a full compensation of their CO2 footprint and zero emissions gate-to-gate.

The glass of our Litho-Glass® system comes from suppliers who place the highest demands on their climate efficiency.  Certified according to the energy management system DIN EN ISO 50001 and the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001. Offcuts from glass cutting can be reintroduced into the production process. It can also be reused, for example, for the production of container glass, insulating wool, emery paper or glass blocks.

At the end of their life cycle, which however lies in the distant future due to the longevity and timelessness of our Lithodecor® systems, they can be disposed of without any problems. The waste code 170107 is assigned to the main category of construction and demolition waste.

Lithodecor®- The fusion of natural products to a perfect interaction

  • Sustainable building
  • high durability
  • conserve valuable resources;
  • environmentally friendly disposal
  • high reusability
  • minimize energy consumption and associated environmental impact
  • excellent energy balance of thermally insulated, rear-ventilated facades

Building objects with Lithodecor® can be certified with DGNB, Leed (U.S. Green Building Council) or BREEAM.

Certified building objects

Here you will find a small selection of facade work carried out by us in connection with the requirements for certifications in sustainable construction. We are happy to support architects and builders in relation to our executions in achieving the certification goal.

Ober-Ramstadt DAW Headquarter (Germany)

The new building of the largest private manufacturer of construction paints and thermal insulation in Europe was awarded DGNB Diamond in 2018. We are proud that the facade bears Litho-Stone® elements.

BV Börsentor Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

In a prime location in Frankfurt’s city center, HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung built the BÖRSENTOR office and commercial building on an approximately 940m² site. In 2017, the building was awarded DGNB Gold certification and the energy savings required by EnEV 2009 were even exceeded. The thermally insulated, rear-ventilated facade with Litho-Stone® panels supplied by us made its contribution.

BV Mohnheim am Rhein RheinparkCARREE (Germany)

The 1st construction phase in the Rheinpark with a total of 5,200 m² was completed at the end of 2013 and awarded DGNB Gold in the same year. The creative architecture with our Litho-Glass® elements characterizes the upscale appearance of the Monheim office and administration building directly on the Rhein.

BV: Oxford University Dickson Poon (UK)

Our Litho-Stone® ventilated façade system was selected for the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre on the grounds of St Hugh’s College. The building was certified according to BREEAM. BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is the oldest certification system for sustainable construction, developed in the UK in 1990.