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Litho-Stone Upcycling

RECYCLING WITH lithodecor®

The existing slabs are dismantled on site. The slabs are then processed in the production plant. Here, the boards are potentiated in a separation process and then integrated into the proven Lithodecor® system using special processes. Finally, the upcycled panels can be reinstalled on the building or on another building using a suitable substructure.

Sustainability has a future!


  • Saving of valuable natural stone raw material
  • Waste reduction, no disposal costs and preservation of the existing material UPCYCLING
  • Exhausted natural stone deposits can be preserved on the façade
  • Increased absorption of impact loads on the panels thanks to the composite system
  • Reduction of the total weight of the natural stone slabs per m² by up to 66.6
  • Particularly suitable for renovations with problematic substrates/construction shells
  • General building authority approval
  • Can also be reused for other construction projects
  • High degree of prefabrication in the production plan