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Litho Ceramic offers a wide range of design and finish options for high-quality ceramic façades. Large panel sizes and storey-high shaped elements are suspended in the aluminium substructure without visible fixings.

The panels consist of a covering layer 6 mm thick on a lightweight concrete base that is no more than 19 mm thick and are extremely resistant to mechanical damage.


Ventilated curtain façade system with ceramic panels on a lightweight concrete base.


Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate.


Invisible fixing to aluminium substructure.


Extensive collection of 52 finish design.


3,200 x 1,500 mm or 3,600 x 1,200 mm, depending on surface structur.


Building authority approval available.

Thermal protection:

Mineral-wool insulation (TCG 032 and 035).

Impact resistance:

E5 classification expected, DIN 14019, maximum resistance to mechanical influences.

Der I-catcher!

Modern architectural façades feature three-dimensional shapes. Such designs can be realised quite easily with our ceramic elements: shaped units of storey-height in lengths up to 3.50 m.

The special material properties of the composite ceramic panel make it possible to create shaped units with exactly the same appearance and a much reduced self-weight. As a result, three-dimensional preformed units such as corners, angles or U-sections can be produced to achieve a monolithic effect. This involves first mitring the composite panels and securing them without a visible joint, using a bonded press fit. Cantilever panels up to 400 mm in length can be attached to an anchoring panel.

long live the diversity

The variety of surfaces and colors for the Litho-Ceramics VHF system gives you enormous design versatility and freedom. Some of the surfaces look like natural stone, others like concrete. You can even simulate aesthetically rusty metal surfaces with Litho-Ceramics.

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