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Litho-Glass consists of resistant laminated sheets of 8 mm toughened safety glass (ESG-H) with a maximum thickness of 27 millimeters, which are bonded to a lightweight concrete support. The panels, which measure up to 7.74 m², are fastened with an invisible agraffe suspension construction. The toughened safety glass panels are available in numerous attractive color variants – individual digital printing is also possible.


Ventilated glass curtain wall with ESG-H glass elements on lightweight concrete support.


Compensation of unevenness due to flexible substructure, weather-resistant, frost-resistant.


Non-visible fastening on aluminum substructure.


Enamelling, screen printing or digital printing.

Element thickness:

25 to 29 mm (+/- 1 mm) depending on design.


Facade application up to 7.7 m² panel size, maximum dimension 1800 x 4300 mm.
Overhead application up to 5.26 m² panel size, maximum dimension 1300 x 4050 mm.


46 or 54 kg / m² depending on the version.


Z – 10.3-743.

Thermal insulation:

Mineral wool insulation (WLG 032 and 035).

Fire behavior:

Non-combustible building material class A2-s1 d0 according to DIN EN 13501 and flame retardant building material class B1 according to DIN 4102-1.

Impact resistance:

E5 – classification possible, DIN 14019, highest resistance to mechanical impact.


Flatness: +/- 3-4 mm / m
width / length: +/- 1 mm
reveal depth: +/- 1.5 mm
Angular deviation of the angle connection: +/- 0.5 °.

An absolutely smooth filigree facade appearance

An eye-catching feature of this glass facade system is the associated possibility of invisibly fixing particularly large-format, over-story-high glass elements made of toughened safety glass (ESG-H) up to 7.74 m². At the same time, the glass panels are extremely lightweight: The thin ESG elements are laminated onto carrier panels made of a specially developed lightweight concrete.

The aesthetic effect of a glass facade realized with Litho-Glass is a filigree facade appearance without disturbing interruptions and an absolutely smooth mirror image.

Since the glass elements can additionally be printed or enameled in almost all RAL colors, RAL design, NCS colors and/or with designs, there are hardly any limits to the design – also for a printable glass facade.

Glass all around, even on the ceiling

The special effect of glass envelopes for facades is all the more effective, the more closed this envelope is. We also consistently offer glass elements with corresponding substructures for ceiling areas. This allows you to continue the glass façade architecturally over suspended ceilings, projections or canopies, something that is structurally difficult and expensive with conventional glass cladding due to the high dead weight and complex fastenings. This is another crystal-clear advantage for you!

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Advantages summarized at a glance


high economic efficiency due to lean company structure

Formats up to approx. 7.74 m²

Head-Soak-Test included

lower material thickness 25mm +/- 1 mm

Made in Germany – short, secure supply chains

up to 50% savings on packaging/transport

fire behavior B1 and A2-s1, d0

permanent moisture penetration – no problem

free choice of substructure

corner formation included

Other compound systems:

material thickness approx. 30 mm

Head-Soak-Test allowance

formats approx. 5,6 m²

several supply chains – higher surcharges

production sites partly abroad

Agraffes already assembled – therefore more space required

fire behavior B2

permanent moisture penetration – problematic

System-bound substructure

Corner formation allowance