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Litho Glass is made up of robust composite panels, which can be up to 27 millimetres thick, consisting of heat-soaked thermally toughened safety glass (ESG-H) bonded to a lightweight concrete base. The panels, up to 7.74 m² in size, are hooked onto the substructure with concealed clip-type fixings. The panes of toughened safety glass are available in numerous attractive colours and can even carry customised digital printing.


Ventilated curtain wall façade system with ESG-H glass panels on a lightweight concrete base.


Weather-resistant and frost-resistant; the flexible substructure offsets any unevenness in the substrate.


Invisible fixing to aluminium substructure.


Enamelling or digital printing.


Width up to 1.80 m, length up to 4.30 m, area up to 7.71 m²


Up to 5.26 m² (max. 4.05 x 1.30 m) overhead application with AbZ (general building inspectorate approval).


Z – 10.3-743.

Thermal protection:

Mineral-wool insulation (TCG 032 and 035).

Reaction to fire:

Fire-resistant, construction materials class B1 to DIN 4102-1, (A2, s1,d0 in accordance with EN13501 possible).

Impact resistance:

E5 classification possible, DIN 14019, maximum resistance to mechanical influences

A perfectly smooth and sophisticated façade

A striking feature of this façade system is the possibility if offers up of installing extra-large ESG-H glass elements that are more than one storey high and have a surface area of up to 7.74 m² – without visible fixings. These glass panels are also extremely light: the slim ESG elements are bonded to base panels made from a lightweight concrete specifically designed for this purpose.

A Litho Glass façade has a sophisticated effect without distracting gaps, offering absolutely smooth reflection. On account of its monolithic, continuous appearance, this type of façade is also known as “structural glazing” (SG) in the trade. Since the glass elements are also available in any RAL shade and/or can be printed on or enamelled, there are almost no limits to the designs that can be created – even for a printed façade.

Glass everywhere, even on the ceiling

The special effect of glass envelopes on façades is further enhanced by their degree of continuity. That is why Lithodecor also supplies glass elements with the appropriate substructure for ceilings to round off its Airtec Glass system. This means that your architectural design can continue the glass façade across suspended ceilings, overhangs or projecting roofs – which is difficult and expensive to achieve with conventional glass claddings due to their heavy weight and elaborate fixings. Another crystal-clear benefit!

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